Who we are

Our History

Chehab Brothers S.A.L. was established in the year 1949 in Beirut, Lebanon.

This family business was founded by the three brothers L’Emir Zakaria Jumaa Chehab, L’Emir Abdul-Halim Jumaa Chehab and L’Emir M. Mounir Jumaa Chehab.

The unity of the three brothers together with the strengths and skills of each of them, is what contributed to their success.

L'Emir Zakaria was driven by his continuous passion in striving for business development in trade and manufacturing, while L'Emir Abdul-Halim had focused on marketing and sales and L'Emir Mohamad Mounir's role involved management and public relations.

The three brothers had built a well-reputed business which has been highly respected by their business partners.

In 1983, the 2nd brother L'Emir Abdul-Halim passed away, then in 1992 his youngest brother Mounir passed away, and in 2007 L'Emir Zakaria passed away.

The legacy of three brothers continues with their children who are currently running the business.

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