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Chehab Brothers Company was established in 1950 in Beirut, Lebanon. The importance of the emergence of new industries in the Middle East during the fifties was an important incentive for Chehab Brothers to import and sell various types of industrial machinery. Our main objective has been and continues to provide the best mechanical marketing expertise and managerial capabilities in customer satisfaction. During all these years, Chehab Brothers have evolved into one of the largest and most important family businesses in Lebanon.

We have acquired a wide reputation in Japan, Europe, the United States and China, and we have expanded our sales program – and our brands in the Middle East, Africa, and European markets. And now we are pleased to offer you a quick overview, our company deals in more than 15000 fifteen thousand products in our shops consisting of several industrial - carpentry machines - welding machines and supplies - industrial electrical equipment - the number and machines for construction - All types of water pumps, submersible and sewage pumps and all the necessary equipment and mechanisms of manual loading or on diesel or gas or powered by the battery – Piston and Screw Air compressors low and high pressure - Air conditioners and Air coolers Desert along with accessories, Special compressors for laboratories and touch as well have a special team for maintenance and repair.

In 1985, the company established its headquarters VICENZA - ITALY. Its main mission was to facilitate import and export to and from Italy, Europe, the Middle East and African 2003 we also set up an office in China to export from China to the rest of the world The most important goods handled by Chehab Brothers Company for all its branches on Lebanese territory - ready and on-demand and divided into several sections as follows.

1-  Industrial number- Lathes - Presses - Planers - Freezers - Milling - Presses, Wrappers and Clips for Iron - Injection and Blowing Machines for Plastic Materials - Machines for Repairing Motor and Machine Motor, in addition to all types of CNC machines.

2-  Special machines for the work of wood and all kinds of manual or computer - CNC - Portable power tools - Hand tools.

3- Industrial electric number - Contractors - Starter - Motor - Generators - Electric sensors.

4-  Electric pumps - Submersible pumps - Pumps operated by diesel or gasoline generators - Special pumps for sanitary drilling.

5- Electric welding machines or by diesel generator - all accessories for welding or cutting machines, plasma or laser CNC PLASMA & LASER or by OXY – ACETYLENE - welding tables - suction machines.

6- Tower cranes or four columns and machines and equipment and equipment for the machines necessary to check and repair all lathing or repair of motors or generators - equipment for gas stations such as hydraulic washing cranes - high-pressure washing pumps - piston air compressors.

7- Construction equipment and machines, including machines for indenting and cutting iron - external cranes, special cranes for cleaning the external facades - heavy machinery for drilling - machines for asphalt paving machines - asphalt and cement cutting machines - tile polishing machines - Granite - Selling all types of special discs for cutting marble, granite, ceramic and other materials and all the necessary in this regard.

8- Air conditioners and desert air coolers and accessories.

9- portable electrical equipment for all wood, metal and aluminum work electrical equipment and of the finest international brands 11-Portable installation for installation in the construction, Foam (foam materials) Heat resistant materials.

10- Machinery and a special number for the work of cutting and detail and the assembly of aluminum or ceramics with all the requirements related to this.

11- Provide wooden materials for the implementation of construction work or the implementation of projects roads or bridges or special wood for furniture of all kinds - securing doors and cabinets and kitchens ready for installation with all necessary accessories.

12- Ensuring the aluminum panels decorative external or internal with the necessary accessories

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